The importance of organised innovation spaces

Science parks, innovation districts, areas of innovation, incubators and other innovation spaces play a key role in the economic development of their cities and regions

By offering high quality space and facilities and value-added services, especially adapted to the needs of the knowledge economy, they:

Stimulate and manage the flow of knowledge and technology between universities and companies.
Facilitate communication between companies, business managers and entrepreneurs.
Provide environments that enhance a culture of innovation, creativity and quality.
Focus on companies and research institutions as well as on people: the entrepreneurs and “knowledge workers”.
Support startups, facilitating the creation of new businesses via incubation, spin-off and acceleration.
Enhance access to the global knowledge-based economy for their cities, and provide expert solutions to revitalise rundown city districts and neighbourhoods.
Work in a global network that gathers many thousands of innovative companies and research institutions throughout the world, supporting the internationalisation of their resident companies